Great businesses today relentlessly seek the balance between serving their internal needs and those of their customers. There is no magic formula for Customer Delight, there is no “end game”, but a tailored and ever evolving development of processes and communications that offer that “little bit more”.

Delivering consistent Customer Delight relies on the motivation and education of internal stakeholders and the creation and implementation of reliable and repeatable systems that engage over and over again. Businesses that focus on Customer Delight become “employers of choice” and reap rewards far beyond the provision of customer service.

The Selfish Servant is a business that has the right people, processes and relationships in place to be able to serve their customer each and every time. Then, with a foundation of Delight, every business has the opportunity to expand and innovate, knowing that their teams and customers will continue to engage and help the business to thrive.

Danielle Storey is a wonderful storyteller – and a specialist in the field of generating exceptional, repeatable connections between service providers, their staff and their clients. By drawing on her knowledge, experiences and success in her own award winning company, Danielle, shares her proven business strategies.

Her presentations are inspiring, humor-filled and contain illuminating self-development tips as well as practical and easy to implement business tools. Attendees walk away from Danielle’s keynotes, meetings and workshops motivated by building-plan ideas that will make a positive difference to their company’s development.

Danielle creates bespoke keynote, meeting and workshop presentations based on talk topics including…

  •  The Selfish Servant

When flying, the air safety briefing reminds us that, in the case of an emergency, we must first fit our own oxygen mask before helping others. Great businesses make sure that they too have the right things in place so that their front line staff can deliver their product or service to their customers, consistently.  Today’s global connectivity requires that leaders continually look for and find the moving balance between serving the business, the customer, their teams and other stakeholders to successfully compete in price driven and competitive markets. Customers are looking to be engaged and teams are needing to be more flexible to ensure satisfaction.

Customer Delight is customer service with that little bit more. Delivered consistently Customer Delight reaps profitable rewards for organisations creating reliability and a safe experience for customers who reward with loyalty and repeat business.

Delegates are left with a clear understanding of how to engage leaders and teams in the processes that delivers Delight to customers, ensuring the profitable success of organisations and brands.

  • The Future of Customer Service

The landscape of service has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and changed almost unrecognisably over the past 100 years. In the 1920s, when everyone was serving someone all of the time, department store chains were declaring that The Customer is Always Right. Fast forward to today and many talk about the generations of youth who prefer to serve themselves. Some even call them selfish. The value these current generations offer is the experience and understanding that service sits on a moving linear spectrum, shifting backwards and forwards between the end points of making sure that the customer is served and the organisation is served as well, creating profitable outcomes for all involved.

The foundation and development of relationships, both offline and online is the future of customer service. Congruent relationships between leaders, front line teams and customers are formed and maintained through the gaining of clarity and the consistent application of systems to create consistency and safety. Safe teams and customers deliver loyalty and longevity, rewarding brands by becoming online and offline advocates. As well, advocates allow businesses and brands to take risks with growth and change.

Delegates will learn the responsibility of leaders for the creation congruent relationships and how to gain buy-in from front line teams and from customers. They will walk away with an understanding of the difference between customer service and customer delight, the value in creating congruent relationships and the power of consistency enabling them to be leaders in the future world of global customer service.

Danielle Storey is a leading expert in customer service and how to create and implement the structures that ensure the profitable success of organisations and brands through the building of advocates both in front line teams and customers and clients.

  • The Best Time for Business

Australian business owners, founders and start-ups are living in the best time in history to be involved in business. Communication and access to mentors is plentiful, technology is affordable and accessible and people want to learn and grow. Innovation starts with an idea, solves problem, inspires and engages. Every business can innovate and be at the forefront of Australia’s success.

  • Ditch the Pitch

Create meaningful communication in sales, marketing and networking and get results. Participants learn and practice the hidden skills of networking and take home a plan for fail-proof business networking. Perfect for introverts and extroverts alike.

  • Network Your Life

Networking isn’t just for businesses or sales people. Networking is a learned skill that, done well, results in relationships that promote clear communication, trust and results. For individuals and leaders who want to improve the relationships with the people in their life.

  • Say Sorry Properly

Clients and Customers are crying out for personal attention, to be delighted and engaged. Global connectivity and fast moving social technology mean that customers can share their experiences instantly and influence the buying decisions not only of their tribe, but the wider community as well. There are simple, repeatable systems that enable brands to take risks with growth and change and still create an army of advocates that forgive, re-engage and refer.

Delegates will leave the presentation with a clear understanding of the steps that leaders and teams can implement to “say sorry properly” and become and remain a leader in customer service and delight. Leaders learn the value of making mistakes when a “sorry system” is created and implemented, paving the way for appropriate risks and expansion.

  • Bespoke

Danielle tailors bespoke, content filled presentations, on the topics of Customer Delight, Customer Service, Self Development and Networking to suit.

…to hear her speak to a group is an experience in itself, our team immensely enjoyed her presentation and her core beliefs on customer delight are something that we now strive for everyday within our business.
Sharon Hamilton Fella Hamilton

Danielle Storey gave a great presentation; very personal and yet highly commercial and for me a great reminder of some of the things I should be doing in my networking endeavours as well as post networking ( follow up contact, personally or by email/letter of thanks etc). This is especially relevant when dealing with overseas clients. The presentation was enlightening and would recommend to anyone seeking to improve their business and personal relationship skills.
Cameron McDermid AutoShipConsultants

Danielle Storey has presented at a number of our events for women in business. She is a charismatic and authentic speaker – and each time the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated by her combination of warm personal stories and extensive professional expertise. I highly recommend Danielle to you.
Peace Mitchell | Katy Garner The Ausmumpreneur Network

Danielle gave great insight into business structure and the importance of building first and world class relationships. We would recommend Danielle to any company in any industry for those looking to offer first class service.
Adam Flynn CEO Biggin& Scott Knox