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Speaker Requirements
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Danielle Storey HG     Danielle Storey RSF

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Danielle Storey is a professional speaker and mentor with a particular passion for the fields of small business development, marketing, sales, customer delight, families in business and employee engagement. She is an outstanding storyteller with a humorous approach to imparting her strategies and loves to share easy-to-implement processes that deliver genuine results for her clients.
A specialist in creating customer delight – service with that “little bit more” – Danielle shares the keys to relationships that result in a million dollar feeling across many industry arenas. She has proven successful management experience and is a testament to the power of achievement based on effective modeling and self-development.
Danielle is the co-owner and Marketing Director of the international, million dollar success story The Cartridge Family – where she has created systems in Customer Delight in an industry that is strongly price driven with narrow margins. Her presentation will offer self-development tips, proven strategies and practical easy to implement business tools to help you find and keep customers and create relationships that make everyone feel like a million dollars.
Speaker Requirements

Speaker Requirements (MS Word)

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